The technology of digital audio processing and synthesis is the main topic that I teach across different higher-education institutions. Having a part-time senior lecturer post at the University of the West of England allows for other teaching commitments, projects and music. Further visiting lecturerships are held at the University of Pecs and the Music Academy of Sarajevo where I teach audio programming and algorithmic composition respectively. I have recently completed a PhD in contemporary composition at the University of Birmingham. Postgraduate supervision leads me down the paths of digital distortion, audio analysis and psychoacoustics. Below you can find a list of permanent and temporary teaching posts.

univeresity curriculae

1.9.2013-present - University of the West of England
	•	Audio Technology – Studio technology, electro-acoustic transducers, recording, mixing, production.
	•	Applied Audio Systems – Max/MSP programming, generative music and audio, user interface design, field recording, soundscape composition.
	•	Audio Process Design and Implementation – C++ programming, audio signal processing, VST programming, sound synthesis, digital audio effects.
	•	Architectural Acoustics – Room and concert hall acoustics, studio design, architectural consultancy, psychoacoustics.
	•	Advanced Performance and Composition – Computer aided composition, algorithmic sequencing, digital instrument design, musical performance.
	•	Research Methods in Music Technology – Objective testing, subversive research.
	•	MSc Dissertation – Supervision of individual theses for the completion of Masters in Creative Technologies.

01.10.2014-present - UWE Centre for Music
	•	Turntablism Course – Manual vinyl manipulation as a musical instrument.
	•	NoiseLab – Experimental audio and music production.
	•	School of Modular - Analogue modular synthesis, audio electronics, experimental music, chaotic feedback circuits.
	•	School of Controllerism – Ableton Max for Live programming, dance music performance, musical stem manipulation, interface scripting.

30.5.2008-present - University of Pécs
	•	Audio Synthesis and Analysis I & II – SuperCollider, audio synthesis, digital signal processing
	•	Psychoacoustics – Pitch, time and loudness perception, hearing tests, experiment design and excecution.

30.10.2010-present - Music Academy of Sarajevo
	•	Algorithmic Composition – SuperCollider programming, pattern transformations, combinatorics, generative algorithms, fractal self-similarity, randomness.

17.1.2010-30.5.2011 - Birmingham Conservatoire
	•	Performing with Technology – Composing for digital instruments, live processing, interface design, digital virtuosity.
	•	Technique of Electronic Music – Audio synthesis and processing, tape music.

4.2.2008-15.9.2013 - Birmingham City University
	•	Sound Synthesis and Sequencing – Oscillations, waveforms, additive and subtractive synthesis, physical modeling, granular synthesis, generative sequencing.
	•	Digital Audio Effects – Filtering, dynamics processing, pitch and frequency manipulation,  spatial audio, adaptive effects.
	•	Interactive Music Systems – Generative algorithms, interface design, digital musical instruments, algorithmic composition.

symposiums, workshops and lectures

  • 25.11.2013 - Sarajevo - Music Academy - Lecture on Live Processing
  • 26.04.2013 - London - Music Tech Fest - Waves to Soothe your Brains Presentation
  • 08.02.2013 - Birmingham Conservatoire - Lecture and performance - live processing.
  • 18.01.2013 - Birmingham Conservatoire - Lecture and performance - live sample manipulation
  • 28-30.10.2010 - Sarajevo - Music in Society Symposium.
  • 11.5-20.6.2010 - Bodrum - Cura Bodrum - Tactical Media Workshop.
  • 30.3.2010 - Amsterdam - De Badcuyp - Instrument Extension with Max4Live Workshop
  • 22.12.2009 - Digital Music Research Network - London - QMUL - Max 4 Live framework has been presented with the focus on adaptive effects implementations.
  • 16.5.2009 – Two Thousand + Nine symposium on performance technologies at SARC Belfast. The paper entitled “Customized Extensions for Instrumentalists” was presented.
  • 25.3.2009 – DMU@BEAST – Presentation on automated segment analysis and rephrasing algorithms.
  • 28-30.5.2008 – University of Pecs – Workshops and lectures on SuperCollider and sonification techniques.
  • 24.6.2006 – Dartington College of Arts - The Extended Shakuhachi. a lecture on sensor interfaces and digital sound processing.
  • 2005-2007 – Kisknuhalas – Courses funded by the European Grundtvig/Comenius fund for adult learning in the education sector. The course ran on annual basis and was majorly concerned with education technology, knowledge structuring and transfer.
  • 13.5.2004 – Royal Conservatoire in The Hague – Sound synthesis framework based on recursive geometrical transformations.