Music made and freely released consists of many CDs that you can find below. One of the most widely appreciated releases is the 'Quattrophobia' which is packed with odd rhythms and turntable action. Below you will find a selection of 'Free Elgar Sessions' conducted at the University of Birmingham with volunteering improvisers. Of interest is an augmented instrument CD called 'Extended Shakuhachi'. Other than that you can find a variety of serious and funny music, enjoy!

mod-folk (2020)

Microtuning, odd meters, modular processing & Bojan Zulfikarpašić = all my dreams come true, this is it, the most challenging and intense album I ever made, it took 11.5 years.


jalovo (2019)

Marija Sukovic recites her poems through modular synth patches.

                 01 jalovo


Live modular albums hosted on bandcamp

dj dokuzz

A variety of video remixes is hosted on vimeo and youtube


Improvisational trio with Misha Cvijocic and Damir Bacikin. Albums hosted on bandcamp


Improvisational setting with modular voice processing. Album hosted on bandcamp

stale mate

Improvisational duo with Attila Dora with an album hosted on bandcamp and a gig on youtube

dj glatko

A variety of remixes is hosted on soundcloud

mono (2015) zipped

After 10 years of little to no access to CV gear the comeback to chaotical electronic feedback cuts deep.

                 01 sail for sale
                 02 scrap trap
                 03 coax hoax
                 04 bravo kravo
                 05 tub of sub
                 06 formal dismal

rambo leaks (2015) ramboleaks_uncut

Remixes of tracks by Rambo Amadeus. All in odd meters and hilarious, especially if you understand the lyrics and know the originals.

                 01 emanuela
                 02 shwantzwald klinik
                 03 plastic fantastic
                 04 demode
                 05 rasta mana
                 06 abvgd
                 07 summer hit
                 08 ilidza hamams
                 09 grande valse
                 10 mr popovic
                 11 intermezzo
                 12 finale

chakra noise (2014) zipped

Tracks programmed in SuperCollider as an alternative to what they call meditation music.

                 01 muladhara
                 02 svadhisthana
                 03 manipura
                 04 anahata
                 05 vishuddha
                 06 ajna
                 07 sahasrara

gagtime (2013) zipped

Compositions by Scott Joplin are rearranged to groove in odd-meter rhtyhms, rendered using randomised timing templates.

                 01 cascades
                 02 easy winners
                 03 elite syncopations
                 04 the entertainer
                 05 maple leaf rag
                 06 pecherine
                 07 strenuous life

remix phoenix (2011) zipped

A variety of popular tunes are stretched into an odd meter scheme to revive their essence. This album embraces the thin line between fun, love and insanity. An absolute must for rhythmically knowledgeable.

                 01 cupurlika - goran alacki
                 02 isn't she lovely - birelli & sylvain.mp3
                 03 hiwar - hassan erraji
                 04 superstition - yesterdays new quintet
                 05 uci me majko, karaj me - kocani orkestar
                 06 cold sweat - james brown
                 07 kaja - plavi orkestar
                 08 sarajevo, grade moj - halid beslic (zb remix).mp3
                 09 srce, ruke i lopata - zabranjeno pusenje.mp3
                 10 crni voz - dejan petrovic.
                 11 mas. que nada - leo gandelman
                 12 my way - paul anka

algoholik (2010) zipped

Algorithmic compositions for piano and drums also including granulation based pieces using rubber, piano and improvised excerpts. The release is a part of PhD portfolio submitted in October 2010.

                 01 shades of brown
                 02 rubsody
                 03 stranded
                 04 lucky friday
                 05 brush solo

multi-channel works (2010) zipped

Stereo mixes of multi-channel compositions ranging from four to twentyfour channels. The full versions can be obtained on a DVD together with custom diffusion software and instructions for arbitrary setups.

                 01 all aboard
                 02 culpable passage
                 03 octopus
                 04 trajekt
                 05 stadt
                 06 table
                 07 fingertip improv
                 08 these are your thoughts
                 09 herdington
                 10 spoof skit lampoon
                 11 zoo

fes (2010)

Highlights of free improvisation sessions held at the Elgar Concert Room of the University of Birmingham. Three hours of music are selected form more than twenty hours of the archive and published on 3 CDs.

                 01 fes1f
                 02 fes3e
                 03 fes3i
                 04 fes4c
                 05 fes4g
                 06 fes4i
                 07 fes4l
                 08 fes6a
                 09 fes6b
                 10 fes6d
                 11 fes6g

                 01 fes7c
                 02 fes9b
                 03 fes9c
                 04 fes9h
                 05 fes10b
                 06 fes10d
                 05 fes10g
                 06 fes10i

                 01 fes12a
                 02 fes14a
                 03 fes17/1a
                 04 fes17/6b

quattrophobia (2007) zipped

Packed with scratches and odd rhythms this record drawing on funk, jazz and balkan music is considered a masterpiece. Three years of hard work have gone into this CD that is widely apprecieated milestone of turntablism.

                 01 web weaver
                 02 ki7
                 03 ajde romale
                 04 paparaczo
                 05 bee15
                 06 delusion
                 07 the dragon
                 08 midget
                 09 dog tree
                 10 maple

the extended shakuhachi (2006)

This is a collection of improvisations recorded at the New Music Festival in Plymouth. Michael McInerney performs his shkuhachi that is mounted with accelerometers and pressure sensors processing the sound of his instrument.

                 01 drone
                 02 approach
                 03 stutter
                 04 note
                 05 about
                 06 windsheet
                 07 fierce
                 08 solo a
                 09 solo b

knal (2005) zipped

This is a collection of music composed at the Institute of Sonology. It consists of pieces made by variety of means that were the object of the studies.

                 01 context
                 02 kyseljak
                 03 opus
                 04 semiotic constraints
                 05 schandpaal
                 06 algae
                 07 drop
                 08 afraid of dark
                 09 branimir
                 10 worst
                 11 mujaga
                 12 zeep
                 13 torture

codex demo (2004)

Early demo recorded in Scheveningen and mixed at home. Codex are: Quentin Sirjacq (keys), Serge Rogalski (guitar), Dany Meir (bass), Cedric Brunet (drums) and Zlatko Baracskai (turntable).

                 01 seven
                 02 why
                 03 nine11
                 04 masada

vinyl (2001) zipped

Selection of early experiments with mutilating vinyl. Records are drilled, scratched and melted to create a variety of different frequency sounds that can be rhythmically arranged. Custom made needles are a prerequisite.

                 01 heeuw
                 02 argak
                 03 mier
                 05 weel
                 06 gofri
                 07 gaas
                 08 lui
                 09 meso
                 10 solder
                 11 moelderij
                 12 ijmy
                 13 spleet
                 14 neutel
                 15 veew
                 16 kraak
                 17 puin
                 18 uibad
                 xx euteu